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State of Delaware
Office of the Marijuana Commissioner


The Office of the Marijuana Commissioner (OMC) is the agency responsible for regulating the recreational marijuana industry in Delaware, pursuant to the Delaware Marijuana Control Act, which became effective on July 5, 2023.

The OMC is focused on safeguarding public health, deterring underage usage, and generating tax revenue. Furthermore, the OMC strives to promote an equitable and competitive marijuana market that places consumer welfare and public safety at the forefront, with the goal of eliminating the illegal marijuana market.

To accomplish these objectives, the OMC is responsible for establishing comprehensive rules and guidelines, establishing the licensing process, and addressing complaints to ensure effective regulation of marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, and the sale of marijuana and its derivatives within the State.

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Delaware Licensing Process

The criteria considered for all license types will include at a minimum:

  • The applicant’s comprehensive business plan, including an annual budget and pro forma financial statements.
  • The experience, training, and expertise of the applicant and managing officers.
  • The applicant’s plans for safety, security, and the prevention of diversion.
  • The applicant’s plans for operations, training, and staffing.

To learn more about the licensing process and the various license types, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Delaware Marijuana Control Act
Implementation Timeline

July 2024
Regulation Adoption

Adoption of regulations to administer the licensing of recreational marijuana businesses

September 1, 2024
License Application Acceptance

The Commissioner begins accepting applications for all licenses

November 1, 2024
Cultivation Facility License Issuance

The Commissioner begins issuing up to 60 Cultivation Facility Licenses

December 1, 2024
Product Manufacturing License Issuance

The Commissioner begins issuing up to 30 Product Manufacturing Licenses

March 1, 2025
retail & Testing Facility License Issuance

The Commissioner begins issuing up to 30 Retail Licenses
The Commissioner begins issuing up to 5 Testing Facility Licenses