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State of Delaware
Office of the Marijuana Commissioner

Social Equity in Delawares Marijuana Industry

This program is designed to create a more inclusive and equitable marijuana industry by providing opportunities for those disproportionately impacted by past marijuana laws.

Who Benefits?

  • Individuals with past marijuana-related convictions.
  • Residents of neighborhoods heavily affected by past marijuana enforcement.

How Does It Work?

  • Reserved Licenses: A portion of available licenses are specifically designated for social equity applicants.
  • Reduced Fees: Applying for a marijuana business license can be expensive. This program reduces those fees for qualified applicants.
  • Community Investment: Tax revenue from marijuana sales will fund programs that support communities harmed by past marijuana laws. These programs might focus on:
    • Restorative justice initiatives
    • Reducing reliance on incarceration
    • Job training programs
    • Technology for expungement and civil rights restoration

Why It Matters

  • Fairness: This program levels the playing field by giving a chance to those who were impacted.
  • Community Repair: It supports communities disproportionately affected by past marijuana laws.
  • A More Diverse Industry: The marijuana industry isn't just for big corporations. This program fosters a more inclusive business landscape.

License Breakdown

  • Retailers: 30 total licenses, with 15 reserved for social equity applicants.
  • Cultivators: 60 total licenses, split evenly between large and small operations and social equity applicants.
  • Product Manufacturers: 30 total licenses, with 10 reserved for social equity and 10 for microbusinesses.
  • Testing Labs: 5 total licenses, including 2 reserved for social equity applicants.

Continued Support for Social Equity Applicants

  • 7% of tax revenue goes to a Justice Reinvestment Fund.
  • Focus areas: Restorative justice, jail diversion, workforce development, and technology for civil rights restoration and expungement.

Additional Support for Social Equity Applicants

  • Assistance is available for applicants with past convictions or residence in impacted areas.
  • Discounted application fees help ease the financial burden.
  • Technical assistance programs offer guidance through the application process.